Hija de Carlos Vives desafió las normas de Instagram y mostró sus senos (+Fotos)

El Cooperante | 28 mayo, 2019

Caracas.– Lucy Vives, hija del reconocido cantante Carlos Vives, volvió a desafiar la censura de Instagram y publicó una imagen en la que muestras sus senos, mientras luce una blusa casi transparente.

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La fotografía fue compartida este lunes y en ella aparece la joven luciendo un saco de color amarillo y una blusa verde que no tapa sus pechos. El post está acompañado de un largo mensaje en el se excusa de su ausencia en las redes sociales por la gran cantidad de trabajo que la rodea.

Ustedes han estado alrededor en mis altos, bajos y vueltas alrededor. Estoy agradecida y jodidamente emocionada de estar de vuelta y destrozando sus vidas con mi mierda feminista enojada. agárrate ahí, debes permanecer en unidad en tiempos políticos de caos“, finalizó el escrito.

La publicación ya tiene más de 42 000 likes y cientos de comentarios.

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hey beauties! i know im still technically on ghost mode.. but bloods starting to pump through this all again and it feels nice to be excited about all i wanna share. so hi, hello, my name is lucy🤘🏽go get to know some real shit about me online @thisbitchmagazine ‘s website• interview is up! im also here to briefly announce that after much deliberation and hibernation, our podcast premiers this summer. ive been absent for several months for a snowball effect of reasons.. but there’s too much going on in the world to be silent, there’s a lot of beautiful and impactful work to do, things to learn and brain scramble to share with you all. y’all been around through my ups, downs and back arounds. im grateful n fucking excited to be back and smashing your lives with my angry feminist bullshit. hang in there y’all, there must remain unity in political times of chaos. im in colombia, thinking about the year we’ve had in the US and feeling some type of way. but it is, regardless the beginning of a lot.. @joellegrace @serena.ish @styleprovoking

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A continuación, más fotografía de Lucy Vives:

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dyke • you’re damn right i got that and a dime sack all through grade school. thick skin doesnt come easy and bullying taught me to laugh at myself… take life less seriously.. i couldnt cut off my ears cuz people didnt like them, i wasnt gonna shave my eyebrows cuz people didnt like them, and i wasnt gonna cry while everyone was laughing. i fuckin love a good joke. especially if it’s me. • machúa in my culture, both men and women are machistas. according to tradition, and many women who preach it, i am not a very good woman. i was raised to be quiet and pretty with nice table manners, so that i find a nice guy with money that'll "take care of me n our kids”. i was to eat enough to look more than healthy so men don't think im sick.. so i don't look like i'm infertile. i was raised to walk straight, la postura pecho y culo pa’fuera, to beat out any other bitch out there tryna take a man i prolly didnt want a girl has to be a mother, a wife, and a lover of the home on man’s terms. and anytime anything was said contrarily, came the quote “being a woman is a sacrifice.” it’s alright because “we’ve all made it” since the beginning, we’ve been ojects of affection and abuse. healers, givers. but never receivers. shutting the fuck up , not stirring any pots. no resistances. La Mujer Conforme. fighting is a thing of the Macho. for centuries women have repressed their realities, laughing with each other about pitty sex with their drunk husbands, n not filing for divorce for the sake of the kids, the car, the house, the money . fear. we scrutinize the women that dare live their truth. when we KNOW we’ve yearned for spiritual autonomy and how many times we’ve ignored mother nature telling us you are you are potential. you are powerful and free. • in my culture, i am too skinny, too ambitious, too selfish, too angry, n too smart to be a woman. see, if being a ‘woman’ means being nearly everything ive never been, pues sí, soy machua. machua con cojones entonces. ¿porque quién carajo quiere ser “mujer” bajo esas condiciónes • blessed being on the cover of 2 gentlemens magazines this year. in hopes that slowly we can redefine that word: Woman

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call me what you want after reading this but after much thought, the following statement is how im choosing to address this . and yes, even just one serious accusation is more than enough for me to say something. my truth is you were a great guy, incredibly professional respectful and it was my pleasure to shoot for you. i am no judge and my intention here is not to accuse. as a student and advocate, for women and civil rights issues in general, however, i can’t put your name on our images without acknowledging this issue. i am sorry but i only wish i knew the following from you, instead of google…and the world • so here goes! • every photographer accused of sexual harassment should find it necessary to tell all his future models and ask for their consent after the fact. be it true or false. this industry is large and too free for its trust, comfort and beauty to be ruined by dishonesty, pride and fear. the art industry is my sanctuary and i know i’m not the only one. im a fan of your work so i neglected to research you negatively, skipping my rule of thumb: we have the resources so we do research on ALL people we work with. period. I’m grateful that im always vigilant, and always accompanied at shoots so i’m lucky to not have even 1 story of discomfort, abuse, or harassment in my 3+ years of nude modeling with over dozens of male and female photographers alike. even with the MeToo movement, not enough people speak about this. im barely in the world of modeling , so i can’t imagine what some men and women experience on a nearly daily basis. i walked into this shoot and had a blessed morning sharing my serenity, my artistic space, and my passion with what i felt was a kidred spirit in a safe space.. only to discover later, from a number of DMs and personal messages concerned that this person had been the accused subject of a very heartbreaking experience publically detailed by a female acquaintance in a shoot setting … So, EVERYONE! this is the Last collaborative nude shoot ill be working with a new male photographer. not saying women aren’t equally capable of atrocities but this is my protest because men in the arts must see consequences

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